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Our Doctors


Dr. Matt Weber DDS


Dr. Matt Weber graduated from Marquette Dental School in 1993. He continued his schooling in a one year general practice residency at the VA hospital in Salt Lake City, UT and started private practice in 1994. Dr Weber continues his education with over 100 hours of continuing education annually when only 15 are required to maintain a Wisconsin license.  He actively participates in two study clubs that focus on TMJ Treatment, Cosmetic and Complex Restorative Dentistry.  Dr. Weber has completed the Continuum Courses at the acclaimed Pankey Institute for advanced dental studies.  This is a series of 6 one week classes that focus on doctor patient relationships, advanced restorative dentistry and practice management.  Dr. Weber continues to attend focus courses and serves in a supportive role as consulting faculty.  Dr. Weber has been married to his wife Joy since 1993 and has two daughters Brittany and Ashley.  He is very supportive in their endeavors in dance, gymnastics, golf and sailing.  Dr. Weber enjoys downhill skiing ,crosscountry skiing, sailing and golf.  He continues to actively compete in sailing and cross country skiing. 

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